The world’s first asset-backed cryptocurrency

We share the value of innovation with everyone

HSF aims to revolutionize the traditional investment paradigm, bridging the traditional finance and blockchain.


HSF provides flexible swap between various ecosystem such as ERC-20 and BEP-20.


HSF is audited by the worldwide auditor CertiK, and is backed by the best technical team.


HSF acts as the collateral for financial products, protecting investors from financial loss.


HSF allows investors to profit from both crypto-trading and traditional investment.

A hybrid investment platform for everyone

A hybrid investment platform developed by Hillstone Finance, Investors offers various investment opportunities to everyone. By using cryptocurrency as a method of investment, individuals are able to invest in products that were not accessible before. Moreover, HSF Token acts as the collateral for the invested product, and protects investors from investment loss by allowing for instant liquidation of assets.

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A hyper modern launchpad for ever-changing crypto ecosystem

Hillstone Finance’s launchpad JumpPad facilitates the successful landing of new crypto projects by providing them the best solution for marketing, community buildup, and fundraising.

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The Total Decentralization of Finance and Governance

Hillstone is building a community-owned decentralized financial system in which members of HillstoneDAO engage in product sourcing, product audit, governance, and the establishment of Hillstone ecosystem.

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The world’s first asset-backed cryptocurrency platform

Hillstone Finance aims to share the value of innovation with everyone. By utilizing HSF token, Hillstone Finance enables individual investors to invest in products such as bonds, private equities, and alternative investment that were inaccessible to individuals. In addition, Hillstone Finance tries to eliminate inequalities existing in the exclusive financial market. There are three main objectives that Hillstone Finance strives to achieve

Overcoming the limit.

Mitigation of geographical and legislative constraints in finance

Joint growth.

Co-development with the traditional financial industry

Financial hub.

A hub connecting the traditional finance and the decentralized finance

Professional Investors

An opportunity to directly contact with top professional investors.